Mylan Supports the Education of Differently Abled Children in Hyderabad

Mylan has a long-standing tradition of engaging with the communities and always looks at opportunities to support the underprivileged. We're constantly sparked by the urge to make a difference to the society. With that passion, we believe and are committed to doing good and giving back to society.

Today, Mylan supports several programs in the space of education, health, and community welfare. The company firmly believes that education brings social and economic prosperity.

In one of our effort to give back to the community, the team at Mylan Hyderabad corporate office organized the annual fete in the November 2019 with the objective of raising funds for a social cause. Employees participated voluntarily and had an opportunity to set up food stalls at the campus during the event. The funds raised through the sale of items in the fete were donated to the Devnar Foundation, School for Blind at Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Mylan utilized the funds to build classroom infrastructure (like storage cupboards) and buy computer accessories (such as keyboards, headphones, speakers, etc.) for the students. Nearly 450 students who were enrolled in the school have benefitted through the activity.

The previous annual fete collections supported children in two orphanages and communities of physically and mentally challenged people.

Devnar Foundation was established in 1991 by Dr. A. Saibaba Goud, a leading ophthalmologist of India with an objective of helping the Blind people. It was started with four students in a rented room. Within a span of 19 years, the school has grown to the present stature with 450 students, housed in a three-storied building owned by the Foundation.

Mylan has been providing value-based education for students by the way of fulfilling requirements and providing infrastructural support, which has improved the learning environment and enhanced student skills.