AmBisome Wins AWACS Gold Award

​Recognized as 'Brand of the Year' in Acute Therapy for its strategic and marketing excellence

Mylan India was conferred with the AWACS Gold Award for AmBisome brand which was recognized as brand of the year in acute therapy for its strategic and marketing excellence.

The acute therapy as a category has evolved over the years to become extremely competitive, with increasing awareness and discussions around managing life-threatening Invasive Fungal Infections effectively. The award is a recognition of AmBisome’s success story as a unique example of what quick and timely market response can do to a brand in an extremely competitive category.

AIOCD Pharmasoft tech AWACS Pvt. Ltd. is a pharmaceutical market research company formed by All Indian Origin Chemists & Distributors Ltd. (AIOCD Ltd.) which provides category / brand sales data in India. AWACS instituted the AWACS Awards in Marketing Excellence in 2014 and every year it recognizes powerful brands for their strategic and marketing excellence which have led to significant growth and gain in market share in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry