Mylan Collaborates to Restore the Ranganna Kunta Lake in Hyderabad

As a pharmaceutical company and member of the global community, Mylan is committed to caring for the environment and conserving natural resources. Earlier this year Mylan worked closely with an NGO to clean and restore the Ranganna Kunta lake in Hyderabad. The lake which is situated at Kondapur is one of the important sources of water supply in the city, however rapid urbanization in the area and has led to shrinking lakes and water bodies over the last few years.

Mylan collaborated with the United Way of Hyderabad (UWH) NGO to remove over 0.25 tons of litter and debris from the lake bed that spread across approximately 3000 sq. Close to 125 enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers from Mylan’s offices in Hyderabad undertook the joint initiative along with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and the NGO to clean and restore the Ranganna Kunta Lake at Kondapur.

The volunteers collected litter and plastic waste, removed weeds from the lake bed, and enhanced the community by planting trees. sensitized the local communities. The activity which was part of Mylan’s efforts towards good environmental stewardship not only helped to restore the lake but also inspired a strong sense of community pride among the residents.  

According to NITI Aayog’s 2018 Composite Water Management Index report, India is currently going through the worst water crisis in its history. It is estimated that 21 cities will run out of water by 2020, impacting around 100 million people.

This program was part of Mylan’s effort to alleviate the existing water crisis in Hyderabad. The restoration project will help to conserve the water in the lake and raise awareness among local communities about the need to keep the lake clean.