Impacting Lives for a Better Future

Impacting the lives of millions living in the close-knit community, over the years Mylan India made significant interventions in health, education and community welfare initiatives for betterment of the society.

Mylan has been supporting infrastructural needs of many primary healthcare centers and has been contributing in delivering medical Equipments across regions where we operate across the country. Our various health outreach programs like Mobile liver clinic, Hepatitis awareness and screening programme and multispecialty camps have impacted ~1 million lives.

Similarly, to raise healthy communities with focus on hygiene and nutrition, Mylan has conducted sessions in over 35 schools and colleges among adolescent girls. Through ‘Affordable Cancer Care Programme’ where in close to 7 million people were screened and educated. It has also actively worked towards the training of doctors, nurses and support staff who were trained to screen and test cancer at the district level hospitals and improve care given to cancer patients.

Diversifying its services towards the cause of TB eradication by training healthcare workers for enhancing their capabilities for TB care management and over a million people were effectively screened for the disease.

Water being a basic need, Mylan reinforcing this in their actions has made clean drinking water accessible across 25 villages to improve the health and well-being of people living in rural communities. Mylan has deployed garbage collection vehicles to local governing bodies which continue to benefit over 1,00,000 citizens every single day. A simple yet significant measure such as desilting the water bodies is also Mylan’s prime focus area along with building community halls and driving road safety measures in place in order to safeguard the lives of its people. Mylan is making significant measures in improving the education of the children. By providing high-tech classrooms with computer labs and laboratory, Mylan is helping over 1000 children across the nation to have the basic right to education.

Mylan is the wind beneath their wings to fly and dream of a future which is nurtured in a safe and healthy environment. With every single life influenced, Mylan strives to make a change in order to create a better future for the world.