Oral Solid Doses

Mylan operates seven global state-of-the-art finished dosage form facilities in India that manufacture OSD, like tablets and capsules, across a wide range of therapeutic categories, such as antibacterials, antidiabetics, antiretrovirals, cardiovascular therapies and central nervous system agents. These sites are located in Aurangabad, Indore, Jadcherla, Sarigam, Ahmedabad, Jaggiapet, and Nashik.

Mylan India manufactures and supplies generic and branded generic OSD products from India to various markets, including Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, New Zealand and the U.S. The sites are routinely inspected by health authorities around the world noted in the below table, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, European regulatory authorities, the World Health Organization and many others. We also manufacture our OSD antiretroviral products for markets in India and emerging markets.

Key Regulatory Certification Mylan

Dosage forms

  • Capsules filled with powder and pellets
  • Immediate-release tablets
  • Modified-release tablets

Packaging capabilities

  • Blister packaging
  • Blister pouch
  • Blister co-pack
  • Bottle packaging

Manufacturing capabilities

  • Bi-layered tablets
  • Capsules banding
  • Direct compression
  • Dry granulation
  • Extrusion spheronization
  • Fluid bed drier
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Laser drilling
  • Multiple-unit pellet system
  • Pellets and beads
  • Roller compaction
  • Solid drug layering
  • Tablet coater
  • Wet granulation
  • Wurster coater with capability to handle solvents