Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Mylan is one of the world's largest API manufacturers as measured by the number of drug master files on record with regulatory agencies. Mylan uses the APIs it develops to supply its internal network and to sell to third parties. The company operates all nine of its API facilities in India and offers a broad portfolio and pipeline of more than 250 APIs in a variety of therapeutic categories, from antibacterials to antifungals. Mylan has an API capacity of 3,600 kiloliters.

Six of our API plants feature state-of-the-art zero-liquid-discharge, or ZLD, equipment that meet strict requirements, minimize wastewater contaminants, recycle wastewater for use in boilers and cooling towers, and reduce our impact on the surrounding communities. In addition, one of our API plants generates steam from a mixture of coal and rice husks, producing up to 60% of its electricity. 

ISO Standardization Mylan